we love good food

“Food brings people together. You don’t eat with strangers and there is something truly intimate about sharing a meal with someone.”

– Bettina Hamblin

When I began my journey creating food, I had no idea where it would take me…

My parents taught me to cook and they were so adventurous in the kitchen while feeding me and my sister all types of foods from around the world. They not only cooked together – they also cooked with us. And this wasn’t Mom putting dinner on the table for a 6 o’clock meal. This was music, wine, eating, and conversation. There were no recipes. We simply prepared foods that we liked to eat using fresh ingredients and creativity.

When I started catering in 2008, I can easily say I hadn’t ever thought about what it means to share a meal with someone. As I was feeding large groups of people for weddings, showers, birthdays, and holidays I began to realize what a unique opportunity I was given.

Families and friends were gathering together to share these meals all while simultaneously building memories with each other. I saw that within these fleeting moments something magical happens. A light bulb turned on for me and forever changed the way I feel about food, eating, and cooking for others.

I have worked hard to bring these philosophies to life in our kitchen at Farmacy, and because of this we pack every ounce of love for life that we have into each dish we create. We make food that we would want to eat and we hope you will enjoy dining on our delicious creations as much as we enjoy serving them up to you!

With so much gratitude for all who have supported me on this crazy journey – Cheers! I can’t wait to feed you!

Bettina Hamblin

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